Orthodontic Appliances

Silver Brackets

Dr. Hsu uses “mini-braces” that are smaller than traditional brackets and are more comfortable. These are glued directly to your tooth’s surface and receive archwires. The archwires provide a method for Dr. Hsu to straighten your teeth.

silver brackets

Ceramic Brackets

These function the same way as the silver brackets. However they are made of a translucent material that blends in with the teeth.

ceramic brackets

Clear Aligners

Dr. Hsu will take measurements to see if you are a candidate for wearing clear aligners. Clear aligners are customized duraclear plastic trays that straighten your teeth.

ceramic brackets

Removable Active Retainers

These are removable retainers that are used by Dr. Hsu to actively straighten your teeth.

Dr. Serena Hsu